SAO, PAULO, Brazil - Optimism for the coatings industry was the hallmark of ABRAFATI 2011, held November 21-23, 2011, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event brought together the 12th International Coatings Congress and the 12th International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers.

The event’s opening plenary session, presented by Antonio Carlos de Oliveira, President of the Board of Directors of ABRAFATI (the Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association), provided an overview of the opportunities and potential of the sector and served as a spark that ignited the enthusiasm of participants. Over the next three days, thousands of professionals were involved in meetings, negotiations, discussions, lectures and demonstrations. This year’s event was the largest and best edition of the exhibition ever held, with 220 booths and extensive foreign participation.

At the congress, international experts shared their latest studies, allowing them to share their visions of new avenues for the coatings industry. With innovation and sustainability as anchors, the program focused on different aspects related to coatings. The most relevant and current issues for the sector were addressed by researchers who presented solutions in raw materials, formulation, application of technologies, increasing performance, functionality and many others.