This company offers a gas-fired infrared curing oven, a unique system that combines process flexibility, long service life and strong environmental advantages on two important fronts:  energy efficiency andemissions. Catalytic infrared cure ovens are ideally suited for the curing of paints, powders, adhesives and other materials, and provide highlyefficient transfer of heat energy to parts manufactured from metal, polymers and other substrates. The flameless, low-intensity infrared energy used in the catalytic system heats objects, rather than air, so fuel efficiency is maximized.products

Operation is simple and straightforward: natural gas (or propane) contacts oxygen in the air in the presence of a catalyst. The chemical interaction produces heat and reduces the gas to carbon dioxide and water vapor. There is no flame, because the reaction occurs at a temperature below the ignition temperature of gas. And there’s no need for blowers or fans.Visit