WAYNE, PA - Deacom Inc., producer of the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, launched its new Web site, www.deacom.com. The new site was designed to communicate Deacom’s overall message of Complexity Made Simple to employees, customers, potential customers and the world at large. It outlines the capabilities of the DEACOM ERP software package offerings and explains the philosophies behind its development. Deacom has a unique niche in the ERP software industry, and the Web site highlights what sets it apart from the competition. Along with the site, Deacom also unveiled its new logo and strong positioning statement to clearly define its position in the ERP market. 

With the new Web site, Deacom sets out to clearly illustrate the solutions offered by DEACOM software and the industries to which it caters. The DEACOM ERP system is a software package that can be configured to meet the needs of its customer without customizations. The software is built for rapid evolution and constantly leverages technology changes to provide opportunities for customers to make their companies ever more efficient.