SOUTHFIELD, MI – For the eighth time in 10 years, BASF has received General Motors’ Supplier of the Year Award. Hans Engel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BASF Corp., accepted the award on behalf of the company’s Coatings Division during General Motors’ annual awards ceremony.

Hans Engel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BASF Corp. (second from right), accepts a Supplier of the Year Award from GM. From left to right are Greg Warden, Executive Director, Global Engineering Body/Exterior for GM; Joseph M. Schmondiuk, Vice President, Global Accounts for BASF in North America; Engel; and Randy Pappal, Executive Director, Global Purchasing Body/Exterior for GM.


BASF’s Coatings Division supports GM by combining modern paint processes with special-effect pigments and technologies. BASF offers a broad array of color solutions and development capabilities that help carmakers improve productivity and environmental performance. 

For example, BASF recently introduced the environmentally friendly CathoGuard® 800 and 900 product line – a cathodic e-coating system that provides the base for automotive surfaces and protects edges and cavities from corrosion.

“The Supplier of the Year award winners’ partnership, dedication and commitment to consistently perform above expectations played an important role in GM’s success in 2011,” said Bob Socia, Vice President, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain. “In 2012, we will continue to improve supplier relations to achieve a world-class supply chain focused on quality, capacity management and total cost.” 

GM’s Supplier of the Year program began in 1992, and each year a global team of purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing and logistics executives determines the winners of the award. Winners represent world-class performance leaders in the areas of quality, technology, price and service.