At Booth #1111, Bühler Inc. is presenting a wide-ranging portfolio of machines and services for the dispersion and wet grinding industry under the slogan “Bühler Grinds it All”. The provided solutions underscore the fact that nearly every conceivable application of wet grinding technology can be accomplished using a Bühler machine and technology.

This is true both for highly viscous masses and applications in the nanometer range. Three-roll mills or special mills can be used to produce extreme viscosities, such as glass pastes for the solar industry or dispersions for battery compounds. In addition, Bühler supplies high-tech agitated bead mills that are specialized in the production of nanoscale dispersions with high throughput.

In 2011, Bühler introduced the Cenomic™ 3, an agitator bead mill that grinds products with a wide range of viscosities. Among other things, it is also suitable for manufacturing publication gravure inks; for ceramic suspensions that serve as enamels in sanitary ceramics, such as sinks or bathtubs; as well as for anticorrosive coatings in the automotive and shipping industries. It is fabricated out of extremely wear-resistant materials, and equipped with EcoMizerTM grinding discs made out of DraisResist™ (chromium steel castings), which ensure efficient milling. Grinding discs and chambers made out of DraisElast™ (polyurethane) are also available. This makes it possible to grind products requiring no metal contamination, such as ceramic suspensions for the electronics industry. In addition, the components for the milling chamber can be changed out individually, which increases the service life and flexibility of the apparatus.