At Booth #2123, Michelman is featuring additives and surface modifiers that enhance the performance of paints and coatings for wood, nylon, rubber, leather and printed graphic arts materials. Featured products include the Michem®Wood Coatings 70 Series, a family of low-VOC, high solids water repellents that improve swell resistance in exterior wood stains and sealants; Michem Emulsion D310, a low-VOC aqueous dispersion of a high-melt polyamide that produces excellent opaque film-forming and heat-sealing properties, low COF (high slip) and superior abrasion resistance in nylon, rubber, metal, leather and plastic; and Michem Guard 1350, a 1 micron particle size dispersion that prevents blocking, increases slip, and provides excellent rub and abrasion resistance in inks and OPVs used in the graphic arts industry, as well as in industrial coatings.