The main focuses for BYK Additives and Instruments at Booth #1000 are nanotechnology and environmentally sound additives related to the company’s “Greenability” campaign. Coatings manufacturers are seeing the trend in the industry to have paints with lower VOC content that go beyond the regulatory requirements. As a result, more reliable VOC measurements are needed. The current EPA Method 24 shows limitations, as it measures VOC via indirect method. Many manufacturers are requiring additional VOC information for raw materials used in coatings. BYK also supports the new direct method of measuring volatiles, such as the ASTM D6886, Determination of Individual Volatile Organic Compounds in Air-Dry Coatings by Gas Chromatography.

BYK is introducing several new products at the show. BYK-1710 is an emission-free defoamer/air release additive according to German and French directives. A healthy indoor environment requires environmentally friendly systems that are safe to use and guarantee zero emissions and odor. The legislative authorities in many countries are following these demands and setting up new directives and initiatives such as the German AgBB and the French “Le Grenelle Environnement“ that will reduce the maximum permissible values for VOCs in coatings, and respectively in the final environment. Modern coatings with new binder technologies have new requirements that cannot be fulfilled with standard products.

BYK has met these requirements by developing this new polymeric defoamer. Polymer defoamers are an interesting alternative to silicone and mineral oil defoamers, which sometimes show negative side effects in sensitive systems such as alkyd emulsions, PUDs as well as 2-pack epoxy and PUR systems. BYK-1710 is VOC-free and fulfills all common directives.

The product shows excellent defoaming properties, especially in paints based on alkyd emulsions or a hybrid of them; has little or no influence on surface properties such as gloss or appearance; reduces cissing issues experienced particularly in waterborne, alkyd emulsion-based systems; is easy to incorporate and can therefore be used at all stages of the production process; and is VOC-free.

CERAFLOUR 1000 new wax additive is a biodegradable polymer based on renewable resources. It features matting efficiency, especially in UV systems; a haptic, soft-touch effect; high transparency; improved scratch resistance, blocking resistance and leveling; has no influence on slip or viscosity; and is easy to incorporate.

BYK-1740 is a green defoamer based on eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials. This product is 100% VOC-free for zero-emission aqueous architectural coatings and plasters; is 100% sustainable on the basis of vegetable oil derivatives; and offers 100% performance absolutely comparable to standard mineral oil-based defoamers. BYK-1740 shows excellent defoaming properties; is especially suitable for waterborne emulsion paints with PVC > 40 and emulsion plasters; has no negative influence on color acceptance and odor; is especially stabilized against yellowing; and shows good storage stability, as an additive itself and in the paint.

Also featured at BYK’s booth is the portable cloud runner to efficiently measure mottling, and the new BYK Additive Guide App. This new app offers an additive search function and an option for finding suitable additives by selecting your application areas. Navigation is possible in English or German. Technical data sheets and additional information on the additives are available in up to 10 languages, and it is possible to bookmark additives and to e-mail documents.