At Booth #1300, Reichhold is featuring resins for a variety of applications, including BECKOSOL AQ®alkyd latex resins, AROFLINT®2K non-isocyanate resins, EPOTUF®epoxies and curing agents, and UROTUF®waterborne urethane resins.
  • BECKOSOL AQ alkyd latex resins:

            -BECKOSOL AQ 101 exterior stain for wood;

            -BECKOSOL AQ 102 wiping stain for wood;

            -BECKOSOL AQ 205 interior primer for wood;

            -BECKOSOL AQ 206 trim enamel for wood;

            -BECKOSOL AQ 210 industrial primer for metal;

            -BECKOSOL AQ 510 multi-purpose resin for wood and asphalt;

            -BECKOSOL AQ 520 wet-look sealer for concrete.

  • AROFLINT 2K non-isocyanate resins:

            -AROFLINT 608 oxirane-modified ester;

            -AROFLINT 810 acid-functional polyester;


These two resins are used in conjunction with one another for direct-to-metal applications

  • EPOTUF epoxies and curing agents:

            -EPOTUF 37-143 bis-A resin dispersion;

            -EPOTUF 37-685 waterborne epoxy curing agent;


These two resins are used in conjunction with one another for metal and concrete applications

            -EPOTUF 38-698 waterborne epoxy ester for concrete.


  • UROTUF waterborne urethane resins:

            -F-Series self-crosslinking polyurethane dispersions:

            -UROTUF F982-MPW-33 iron-catalyzed PUD for wood;

            -UROTUF F99-MPW-36 hybrid PUD for wood;

            -UROTUF F100-W-36 solvent-free PUD for wood;

            -L-Series thermoplastic polyurethane dispersions:

            -UROTUF L56-W-38 solvent-free PUD for wood;

            -UROTUF L63-W-38 solvent-free PUD for wood and leather.