Elementis is highlighting new additives, including VOC-free associative thickeners, HASE acrylic thickeners, colorants and high-performance dispersants for solventborne systems at Booth #1611.

            RHEOLATE CVS®-10 and RHEOLATE CVS-11rheology modifiers offerinnovative technology and provide anexcellent balance between sag, andflow and leveling while minimizing KUloss upon tinting. These thickeners aredesigned to work in the latest VOC-freelatexes.

            RHEOLATE 475 is a solvent-free, hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble emulsion (HASE) rheology modifier for low- and zero-VOC interior decorative coatings. It is a cost-effective solution that provides flow normally found in associative thickeners with great sag.

            RHEOLATE 150 is an APEO-free, effective mid-shear builder for high-PVC interior deco formulations. It can be used effectively in high-drink formulas. RHEOLATE® 150 is a cost-effective alternative to cellulosic thickeners.

            BENTONE DH is a modified hectorite clay-based thickener that provides syneresis control with improved flow versus cellulosic thickeners.

            DAPRO® FX 514 is a new sustainable coalescent that provides great film integrity and low odor in a wide variety of waterborne emulsion systems. It also can act as a plasticizer for adhesives.

            NUOSPERSE® 9850,a polymeric dispersing agent, offers superior pigment wetting that results in increased color strength and excellent compatibility in various solventborne industrial coating systems. It is highly effective for carbon black and other organic pigments.

            DAPRO FX 2060 dispersant provides improved wetting and dispersion, excellent paint stability and gloss development for solventborne paints. It also works as a polar activator for organoclays.

            DAPRO DF 5300, DAPRO DF 5800Fand DAPRO DF 6800 defoamersare designed to minimize micro- andmacrofoams, and eliminate surface defectsin conventional solvent and high-solidscoatings.

            TINT-AYD® EScolorants are a new generation of 100% epoxy-based industrial colorants that provide ultralow VOC (<20 g/L) that are suitable for in-plant tinting.

            TINT-AYD ATand TINT-AYD UTSF are VOC- and APE-free waterborne POS colorants that have improved tip dry. TINT-AYD UTSF is suitable for universal applications. TINT-AYD AT is suitable for all water applications.

            TINT-AYD HS colorants are a new generation of industrial colorants that provide ultralow VOC (<20 g/L). They are widely compatible with most solventborne systems and suitable for POS and in-plant tinting.