HERO Products Group, a division of ICTC Holdings Corporation, is a global company engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of a full line of tinting and mixing equipment for the coatings industry. HERO manufactures “design-ready,” zero-VOC-compatible dispensing machines in North America. HERO has representation in most countries around the world and manufacturing, sales and marketing operations in Vancouver, Canada; Turin, Italy; Mumbai, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Guangzhou, China.

HERO produces a range of over 60 different models of automatic dispensers for point-of-sale tinting. The newest to the HERO line includes the 100-Series family. This product line represents the smallest-footprint automatic dispensing line in the industry. The primary customer for this series will be hardware and small paint retailers. The footprint is smaller than a manual machine, making it easy to replace manual machine installations. On the other end of the spectrum, HERO will introduce the 900-Series automatic dispensers in June of this year. These machines will serve the very high-volume paint stores, with canister sizes larger than any other POS machines available in the market today, with a maximum capacity of 5.8 gallons.

HERO has designed its automatic dispenser line so that it can be primarily serviced by the customer.

HERO focuses on mixers that are based on three different mixing methods. They include;

  •  Gyroscopic: A method taking into consideration the rotation of the paint container in two dimensions, moving the can 360° while spinning the can on its axis from 1 to 2 times for every rotation cycle of the container.
  •  Vortex: Vortex, or Dual Axis™, is the method of resting the can on an attitude, and spinning it in a rotation sufficient to generate a rapid “vortex” type of movement of the contents of the can, in order to homogenize the combination of the base and the colorants, while minimizing the action to avoid wear and tear on the moving parts of the machine.
  •   Elliptical: The method employed by the company’s 5-gallon shaker, which moves the can in a rapid elliptical motion, in order to blend the base and colorants.

HERO has expanded the line of mixers and shakers to incorporate the acquisition of the Ultrablend line, and to make way for a new gyroscopic model that has been specially designed for heavy, high solid products. 

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