At Booth # 2011, Unimin Corp. is featuring its portfolio of reinforcing silicate fillers and extender pigments. Visitors will be interested in learning more about the company’s HIWHITE® synthetic mineral fillers, which are high brightness extender pigments designed for both industrial coatings and architectural paints. Produced using raw materials reclaimed from a post-industrial process stream, HIWHITE fillers can help in the achievement of green formulating objectives. A precipitated calcium fluoride with unique morphology and surface chemistry, these functional fillers offer performance for both waterborne and solvent-based systems.

HIWHITE fillers provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional gloss-reducing pigments used in industrial topcoat formulations. They offer equivalent color, improved scrub resistance, and efficient gloss control without the high crystalline silica content of flux calcined diatomite fillers. HIWHITE is also easily incorporated and wet out with its silica coated surface. Chemically inert, these unique materials are engineered to perform in harsh environments and over a wide pH range. HIWHITE functional fillers also offer competitive light-scattering properties verses conventional TiO2 extender pigments.