SALFORD, UK - Exova, a dedicated testing group, has made a significant investment in its coatings testing capability as it reacts to increasing customer demand. The group has increased the cathodic disbondment (CD) testing facilities at its Salford, Manchester, UK, laboratory, providing the capability to perform over 200 individual tests at both room temperature and elevated temperatures at any one time. The industry standard for most testing laboratories is 20-30 tests running simultaneously.

The investment will mean the Salford laboratory, which serves major clients from across the globe, remains at the forefront of the industry and is able to offer customers a much-increased service.

CD is an important test for industries including pipeline, utility, oil and gas, and coatings manufacturers. It is used to evaluate the long-term performance of corrosion coatings such as liquid paint and fusion-bonded epoxy used to protect pipes.

CD testing is included in many industry standards including NFA49-710 and 711, ASTM G8 and G42, ISO 12068, NACE RP0394, and ISO 15711. The new equipment will allow Exova to perform testing in accordance with these and many related standards.

Exova’s Coatings division offers a range of testing services including fire, corrosion, adhesion, validation of ballast tank coatings and weathering.