GARDEN CITY, NY - Superior Materials Inc., a regional chemical distributor headquartered in Garden City, NY, announced the addition of EMD Chemicals and Heubach Pigments to its focused product portfolio. Superior Materials is now responsible for the sale of EMD’s pearlescent pigments and extensive actives and additive product lines to the cosmetic and personal care markets. Furthermore, Superior will promote EMD's industrial line of pearlescent pigments to the coatings, inks, plastics and construction chemicals markets.

Superior’s territory for EMD is the mid-Atlantic to New England region (Maryland through Maine). EMD is recognized as the world leader in high-quality effect pigments and cosmetic actives.

Heubach Pigments (operating as Heucotech Ltd. in the United States) is a manufacturer of pigments, pigment preparations, dispersions, universal colorants and anti-corrosive additives. Superior’s current territory for Heubach is the Mid-Atlantic to New England (eastern Pennsylvania to Maine). Heubach’s markets include coatings, inks, plastics and construction chemicals.