AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - Element Materials Technology announced the acquisition of Materials Engineering Research Laboratory Limited (MERL) headquartered in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. The acquisition shows Elements’ commitment to providing service for the growing implementation of non-metallics.

Founded in 1986, MERL, which is known for its evaluation, analysis and testing of polymeric materials, components and structures, has developed into an independent company with thousands of international clients throughout the oil and gas, aerospace, and land transportation sectors. Its range of projects includes ensuring the safe and reliable use of materials in offshore oil and gas exploration, new polymer material for heart valves, and composite materials in aircraft structures.

MERL’s four-laboratory campus is fully equipped and staffed by 35 employees with expertise covering the safe and reliable use of elastomers, composites, adhesives and thermoplastics.

Element is a global network of laboratories with experts specializing in materials testing, product qualification testing and failure analysis for the aerospace and defense, oil and gas, power generation, and transportation sectors.