NORCROSS, GA – Unisource Worldwide Inc., Norcross, GA, announced that its division Unisource Global Solutions (UGS) – a leader in developing and commercializing innovative, globally sustainable packaging solutions – has completed the asset acquisition of Pakit Sweden AB. The company is a leading international developer of molded fiber solutions for the packaging industry.

The acquisition by Unisource includes the purchase of equipment that uses cellulose fibers to manufacture molded fiber packaging, replacing the use of plastic trays, bottles, containers, carriers and other conventional petroleum-based packaging.  The equipment also uses considerably less energy than current packaging processes and reduces the use of water and emissions.

“The molded fiber manufacturing equipment we have acquired will expand UGS’s production resources to drive the next generation of packaging solutions to meet the industry’s growing interest in sustainable packaging on a global basis,” said Gary Miller, President of UGS.