CHICAGO - A group of industry experts and leading suppliers have organized a symposium on UV LED curing. The one-day conference will be held Wednesday, September 26, 2012, at the Riverway Auditorium in Rosemont, IL. Integration Technology and its partner IST METZ designed the event to provide a full day of education on the topic of UV LED curing from a range of viewpoints. Technical talks will cover UV LED light sources, formulation, measurement, safety and integration, as well as updates on successful UV LED commercial applications, economics and the overall market outlook.  

“The response to a full-day educational symposium focused on UV LED curing has been tremendous,” said Adrian Lockwood, Managing Director of Integration Technology Ltd. and an organizer of the event. “Often people wait until the last minute to register for meetings, but everyone seems eager to make sure they save a place to learn about LEDs. That’s exciting because it’s going to be a great program.”

The roster of speakers includes experts from ITL and IST, as well as industry co-suppliers and semiconductor representatives. At least a dozen industry partners will be in attendance to discuss application specifics with attendees during the breaks and closing reception. An added speaker from SemiLEDs will update the audience on the trends and future of UV LEDs at the semiconductor level.

“Whether they are new to UV curing or a veteran of the technology, every attendee should walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the state of UV LEDs,” said Joe Ooten, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IST America.

The individual registration fee of $95 provides attendees with access to 10 technical presentations designed to build on one another and two expert panel discussions where attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions to various experts in the field. Admission includes a luncheon and networking cocktail reception that incorporates a tabletop exhibition with hands-on demonstrations and samples of UV LED cured commercial products.

“The time is right,” said Jennifer Heathcote, Integration Technology’s North American Manager. “The demand for information and this kind of dedicated conference is high, the price is right, and the location is convenient. As leaders in UV technology, this symposium demonstrates both ITL’s and IST’s commitment to the UV curing market and our collaborative effort to build a more informed group of industry partners and end users.”

For more information about the UV LED Curing Symposium or to reserve a seat, visit the event website at