KANSAS CITY, KS - Doug Commette, founder of SprayFoam.com and Polyurea.com, will be joining VersaFlex Inc. as its new Director of Marketing. VersaFlex Inc., Kansas City, KS, and is a leading formulator and manufacturer of protective coatings, liners and sealants.

Back in July 2012, Sector Media Strategies LLC purchased Polyurea.com from Commette. Sector Media Strategies LLC is a new media company, backed by VersaFlex, that promotes polyurea coatings and linings technology to various target industries.

In his new role at VersaFlex, Commette will be responsible for strategic marketing planning and implementation across all major divisions and polyurea markets. Commette will initially assist in the transition of Polyurea.com into Sector Media Strategies LLC. His ultimate goals will be to implement new global sales and marketing programs and kick off a stronger Internet marketing and industry growth campaign for polyurea technology in general.