ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands – In 2011, IMCD Group, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was the first and only distributor to be awarded the Lean & Green Award. One year later, the group was awarded the Lean & Green Star Award.

The Lean & Green award is given to companies that commit themselves to significantly reducing their CO2 emissions and submitting an action plan that is assessed and approved. After review of IMCD’s carbon footprint for 2010, 2011 and 2012, the group proved to have reached the objectives, qualifying for the award.

The Star Award is a part of the Sustainable Logistics program by Connekt, an independent network of companies and authorities that collaborate to achieve sustainable improvement in mobility. The Dutch Ministry of Transport initiated the Sustainable Logistics program, and the program supports logistics companies in their drive to significantly reduce CO2 emissions while increasing profitability.

Stan Bijsterveld, IMCD Group Supply Chain Director, explained, “IMCD is one of the front runners within a network of shipping companies, haulers, distributors and councils that have committed themselves to reducing their CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent in 2012.” IMCD has achieved this target not only by utilizing other modes of transport, such as rail and barge, but also by analyzing the flow of goods, collaborating with suppliers to ensure that sustainability requirements are met and reducing the number of unloaded kilometers in cooperation with haulers and customers.