NEI Corporation - NANOMYTE®TC‐3001is a new flexible coating specifically designed to protect oxidizing steel and aluminum exposed to corrosive chemicals or harsh environmental conditions.  Unlike conventional paint, which will chip or crack when exposed to stress from vibration, expansion, or flexing, TC‐3001 will move, bend and conform to the substrate that it covers. The coating can last 10 to 15 years, or more, in the field with little or no maintenance. NANOMYTE TC‐3001 is unique in that traditional solvents and binders are replaced by a high‐solids carrier.

The material is heated until liquefied, then applied by hot airless spray. The result is a smooth, uniformly thick coating. Cracks and crevices in pre‐existing paint, and even spalled concrete, can be filled as the metal surface is covered. TC‐3001 is able to protect the metal substrate by adapting to changing environmental conditions. The coating maintains its resiliency and structural integrity over time, better than conventional anticorrosion paints and coatings.