SHANGHAI, China - Wacker Chemie AG officially opened its new company headquarters for the Greater China region (Mainland China and Taiwan) in Shanghai. The new Shanghai Center, which occupies some 10,000 square meters, features offices for marketing, sales and administrative functions, along with numerous laboratories for R&D and applications technology. It also boasts the latest equipment for WACKER experts to adapt silicone and polymer products to the specific requirements of their Chinese customers. Applications range from dry-mix mortars and exterior insulation and finish systems for construction purposes, to paint and coatings, through to products for the automotive, cosmetics, and textile sectors.

During a press conference in Shanghai, President and CEO Rudolf Staudigl stressed the strategic importance of China as a growth market for WACKER, “The Greater China region has evolved into our single most important market. China is the world’s largest chemical market. We expect Chinese demand for high-quality chemical products to keep rising in the years ahead.” Last year, WACKER’s roughly 900 employees in China and Taiwan generated sales of EUR 1.03 billion, or around one-fifth of the group total.

Referring to the ongoing investigations in the United States, Europe and China concerning the imposition of tariffs on solar products, Staudigl reaffirmed his opposition to trade barriers. “We were one of the first to speak out against any kind of protectionism because, in a trade war, there can only be losers,” he said. “Low prices are the reason why solar products have been successful on a global scale. Consequently, any money that has to be spent on punitive tariffs cannot go toward research and innovation. That would artificially raise the price of solar products and slow down the global shift toward renewable energy sources. WACKER will continue to do all it can to ensure that any contentious issues are resolved through negotiation, just as German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on a recent trip to Beijing.”