ALEXANDRIA, VA - Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education LLC is presenting a three-day workshop April 3-5, 2013, in Alexandria, VA. The workshop, “Latex Film Formation,” will present the fundamental aspects of latex film formation.

The removal of water from latex-based coatings causes the particles to pack together, deform and coalesce in distinctive steps in order to form a cohesive film with good properties. Surfactants and other non-volatile materials added to the latex in manufacture remain in the film and influence its properties. Participants will learn basic principles that govern the outcome of the filming process and become acquainted with experimental approaches and analytical techniques to study and characterize the transformation from liquid dispersion to cohesive film.

The workshop is directed towards industry professionals who produce or use water-based latices for use as architectural and paper coatings, textiles and carpet backings, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and printing inks. Professionals involved with pigments, colorants and dispersants will also benefit from the workshop.

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