DEDHAM, MA - Precision Coating Co. Inc. has acquired a controlling interest in Medi-Solve Coatings LLC, Natick, MA. Medi-Solve Coatings is a hydrophilic coating provider focusing on medical device applications.

The transaction achieves a number of strategic goals for Precision Coating. Medi-Solve Coatings adds formulation and application experience in the medical device arena. The addition of hydrophilic coating capabilities to Precision Coating's offerings of fluoropolymer coatings will help meet a growing need of the company’s medical device customers for coating formulation and technical expertise. For Katahdin, Medi-Solve Coatings adds another complementary coating platform to expand its portfolio of surface finishing and coating services, providing additional growth opportunities in the medical device coatings market.

Precision Coating is one of the largest plastics coating applicators in the world, specializing in high-tolerance PTFE coating applications in the medical device market. Based in Boston, Precision Coating is a subsidiary of Katahdin Industries, a provider of high-tolerance coating applications and specialized metal finishing technology and services to the medical device and industrial markets through platform-focused subsidiaries Precision Coating, Precision Fabric, DCHN and Sanford Process Corp.

Medi-Solve Coatings provides hydrophilic, hydrophobic and lubricious coatings focusing on medical device and biomedical applications.