PLYMOUTH, MI - Resinate Materials Group Inc. is adding personnel and expanding its laboratories and corporate offices. The facility expansion will support Resinate’s growing pipeline of polyurethane dispersion products and provide research space for its new employees. 

The laboratory expansion will include over 6,000 square feet of research and development space, while the new corporate offices will provide 3,000 square feet for management, business development and administrative activities. Over the last six months, Resinate has hired six fulltime workers to support its burgeoning business. In late 2012, Resinate launched its first commercial product, a polyurethane dispersion known as Resinate® R-162 for metal substrates, and 2013 is expected to see additional launches of low-VOC polyurethane dispersion products and the initiation of several new prototype programs. Resinate expects to add five to seven additional team members at the chemist and technical sales level to support the additional products. 

Stephen Hall, COO, comments, “We have a robust pipeline of products based on our technology.  Having the necessary space and personnel to advance those products is critical for our young company.  I believe this additional space will allow us to keep on track and even accelerate our development goals.”