"Leading in Polyurethanes" is the motto for Bayer MaterialScience at ECS Stand 4A-624. The company is underscoring its leading role in polyurethane raw materials such as isocyanates and polyols, including modified systems such as polyurethane dispersions, silane-terminated prepolymers and blocked isocyanates. 

Bayer is presenting its raw material developments grouped according to the core industries -transportation, general industry, infrastructure, and IT and electronics. Sustainability is a particular point of emphasis. It is not only a matter of fundamental concern to Bayer MaterialScience, but also a driver of key and continuous efforts intended to provide optimized solutions with regard to economy and environmental impact.

A series of new developments that fulfill these objectives and help to improve the properties, cost efficiency and energy efficiency of coatings are on display at the company's stand. While the focus is on waterborne cosolvent-free dispersions, the potential of bio-based raw materials is also being investigated.

 The company's stand also showcases topics that extend beyond classic coatings and adhesives applications and are marked by a high level of innovation. These topics have been derived from market and industry trends. One current example is polyurethane casting compounds that can be used to provide LEDs with long-lasting, effective protection against moisture, weather and cleaning agents.