HIGHLANDS, NJ – Hosted by the Metropolitan New York Coatings Association, the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology and the New England Society for Coatings Technology, the first-ever Eastern Coatings Show will take place at the Taj Mahal Hotel and Resort in Atlantic City, NJ, from April 29 to May 2, 2013.

A two-track series of technical and educational papers will provide participants with a better understanding of the theory, science, manufacturing and marketing of coatings. To create an awareness of their improvement performance and functionality beyond the traditional expectation is the prime goal of the presentations.

Topics of the presentations include nanotechnology in coatings, an analysis of new hybrid molecules, controlling the molecular structure of polymers, formulated nanodispersions, and dispersed neoparticles. Additional topics include new developments in architectural coatings, advances in pigment technologies, and the challenges of both the environment and green chemistry.

A trade show of 51 exhibitors will display products and services of various types, all of them integral to the modern coatings industry.

Visit www.easterncoatingsshow.com for more information.