The Eastern Coatings Federation announced the next Eastern Coatings Show (ECS) will be held May 16-18, 2023, at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. Newly elected officers are Bruce Schimmel of Superior Materials as President, Brenda Alpert as Vice President, and Jerry Norton of JNS Smithchem as Secretary/Treasurer. The remaining 2023 Board Members are: Anna Diretto, Bob Whiteley, Brian Osborne, Carl Sullivan, Chris Mangano, Christine Gehres, Chuck Jones, Chuck Shearer, Dan Canavan, Dave White, Jason Anagnostis, Jerry Norton, John Kehmna, Marc Chan, Michele Claeson, Pamela Levesque, Rick Mazzariello, and Thomas Penny.
“The last Eastern Coatings Show, held in November 2021, generated overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees and exhibitors, even though we were just barely coming out from COVID restrictions,” said ECS President Bruce Schimmel of Superior Materials. “Harrah’s exhibit space and meeting facilities have proven to be a great fit for our growing conference. The next ECS in May 2023 will once again offer a Paint and Coatings Short Course presented by the University of Southern Mississippi.

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