HIGHLANDS, NJ - The Metropolitan New York Coatings Association announced the officers and board members for the upcoming year of 2012 to 2013. Dave White, Heucotech Ltd., is the new President. Shaun Julian, E.W. Kaufmann Co. Inc., is the new Vice President, and Chris Morris, Brady Palmer Label Corp., is assuming the duties of Secretary-Treasurer.

The Board of Directors now consists of: Rick Mazzariello, Enrichem Specialties LLC, who will serve as Chairman of the Board; Thomas Daquila, Eagle Specialty Products; Nicholas DiGennaro, Munzing; John Kehmna, Archer Sales Inc.; Robert Landzettel, Landzettel & Sons; Kurt Maas, Champion Container Corp.; Chris Mulcahy, Advanced Polymer Inc.; James L. Norton, The Muralo Co.; George Pica, Talon Paint Products; Bruce Schimmel, Superior Materials Inc.; Michael Schnurr, National Paint Industries; Peter Tepperman, Seagrave Coatings Corp.; and Robert Whiteley, JNS-Smithchem LLC.