Purac introduces new applications of its bio-based building blocks at ECS Stand 1-346. Different types of polyester resins were synthesized and tested in various architectural and industrial coating formulations. The results show that the incorporation of PURALACT in alkyd (short, medium and long oil) and polyester resins reduces the resin viscosity and improves carbon footprint. It also improves other properties such as stiffness, balance of hardness and flexibility, drying time, gloss, and gloss retention. Purac’s PURALACT is a commercially available (co-)monomer that improves coating performance and increases the sustainability of entire value chain.

 Purac is also contributing to the European Coatings Congress with two presentations. The lectures demonstrate the use of PURALACT lactide as a resin building block and show the improved performance and CO2 footprint in coating and adhesives applications.