BANGKOK, Thailand – BASF has set up a new Coatings Technical Competence Center ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) in Bangkok, Thailand. This new facility supports technical and laboratory activities mainly in motorcycle coatings, including technology transfer, product development, performance testing, color design and development. The facility houses a sales and marketing team as well as a technical service team of more than 20 professionals, all catering to motorcycle manufacturers in the ASEAN region.

Boonchai Opas-iam-likit, Managing Director, BASF Thailand Limited, said, “Thailand is a key market and production hub for the car and motorcycle industries in ASEAN, which is an important region for these industries. This technical competence center will significantly benefit our customers, especially in Thailand, and at the same time is important to BASF in achieving our long-term business objectives.”

The leading motorcycle markets in ASEAN — Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand — have all demonstrated strong growth momentum in recent years.