HUNTSVILLE, AL – Advanced Technical Finishing (ATF), a surface treatment resource for components from the aerospace, defense, commercial, medical, and transportation industries, is undertaking a $10 million facility revitalization.

Adding a total of 16,000 square feet to its current facility, ATF has taken on this renovation in order to speed execution, decrease turnaround time and meet demand. Plans include the upgrading of the plant’s current anodizing line equipment (allowing for increased capacity on Type I, II and III anodizing), as well as installation of brand new electroless nickel lines and a titanium Type II & III finishing line. These additions will introduce military-grade coatings, currently available exclusively in the western United States, to the east coast.

In addition to these improvements, ATF has renovated its 3,000 square foot painting facility with BR127 capabilities with large, state-of-the-art sandblasting booths; new temperature and humidly controlled paint booths; walk-in curing ovens for paint and powder coating; a 70-ton, self-contained chiller unit; a DI water system for process lines that include large reserve tanks; and an automatic Controlstik II rinse tank monitoring system that maintains optimal water quality and provides water savings of up to 85 percent. A new ventilation system creates a healthier and cleaner workplace for employees.

As part of the expansion, the company has a new management team that includes: Scott Dennis, Quality Manager; Aaron Stinson, VP of Business Development; Justin Hankins, Operations Manager; Eric Bevels, Manager of Painting Services; and John Cordes, Chief Operating Officer.