SHAWBURY, UK - Smithers Rapra is offering a new quarterly peer-reviewed journal, Applied Polymer Composites. Aerospace and engineering composites expert Dr. Sanjay Palsule is the new publication’s Editor-in-Chief. The journal has been created to publish significant industry research in a timely manner, publishing short papers in addition to regular research papers and review articles.

The journal aims to bridge the gap between research and development and the practical, commercial applications of polymers in a wide range of industries. It will provide a balance between materials science and mechanical aspects, and high technology and high-volume/low-cost composite development.

Topics include: nanocomposites, smart composites, textile composites, thermoplastic and thermoset composites, and applications in all aspects of technology and commerce, including automobiles, aerospace, biomaterials, electronics, and engineering materials.

Sanjay Palsule has worked in the field of aerospace and engineering composites for the last 25 years through his association and projects with the European Space Agency, Indian Space Research Organization, Defense Research and Development Organization, and the automotive and engineering industries.

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