NEI Corporationhas introduced a chromate‐free, electrically conductive conversion coating that significantly improves the corrosion resistance of lightweight metal alloy components. NANOMYTE® PT‐60Cis specifically formulated for the surface treatment of lightweight metal alloys, such as aluminum or magnesium, used in the electronics industry. PT-60C provides excellent corrosion protection, while simultaneously providing surface and bulk electrical conductivity. The unique “self-repairing” nature of PT-60C overwhelms the galvanic corrosion caused by the electrical conductivity of the coating. Additionally, PT-60C is a waterborne coating solution. Applications of PT-60C include CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, smart phones, housings of digital cameras, cell phones, the exterior and base of computer notebooks, and handheld devices – places where metallic chassis, cases and frames protect electronic circuitry and sensitive LCD displays.

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