BELTSVILLE, MD - Rockwood Pigments’ Solaplex® range of bright yellow to orange inorganic pigments based on Color Index Pigment Yellow 216 has been granted a Food Contact Notification (FCN1252) by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), effective April 3, 2013.

The recent approval from the FDA opens up new formulating options in colored coatings, plastics and construction-related applications that demand high performance or indirect food contact. Extending the color palette with new chemistry, PY216 extends the limited color palette of traditional colors and enables brilliant shades with long-lasting UV durability, good hiding power and stability at high temperatures up to 400 °C.

This new eco-friendly rutile tin zinc chemistry was introduced by Rockwood Pigments to the general purpose coatings and plastics markets over 10 years ago and is well established as an environmentally acceptable alternative to lead chromates and other heavy-metal-containing pigments, becoming a popular choice in exterior and high-end coatings and plastics. New regulatory concerns over nickel-containing inorganic pigments will further extend its use. This approval will enable comparable formulations to be developed for many specialist applications involving indirect food contact, including children’s toys and play equipment, food and personal care packaging, household goods, and bake ware.