ZURICH, Switzerland – DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading specialty chemicals distributor, is strengthening its position in the European market.

Last year, DKSH acquired the Swiss specialty chemicals distributor Staerkle & Nagler to enhance its position as a pan-European distributor, particularly in the markets of Austria and Switzerland.

DKSH has also become a member of the FECC, effective June 1, 2013. Thomas Sul, Vice President Europe DKSH Performance Materials, commented, “Our distribution network covers the whole of Western Europe, and we believe that joining the FECC will give us an opportunity to network with the leading companies in our industry. In view of the increasingly important cross-border aspects in our business development efforts, the FECC is the right platform to tackle regulatory and legislative challenges within the EU. We aim to play an active role in this association in order to support and benefit from the work done by the many committees.”

Several important new and exclusive distribution partnerships will also start in 2013. DKSH signed a contract with Doxa, a Taiwanese company specializing in additives for coatings, inks and plastics, to distribute their additives, which include dispersants, defoamers and leveling agents. In addition, DKSH has expanded the existing long-standing cooperation with Nagase for its specialty additives range for the personal care industry. In the food additives area, DKSH is teaming up with The Wright Group. New collaborations with Dow Corning (for silicone derivatives for the composite industry) and Silverhawk (cellulose ether for coatings) are also underway.