ALICANTE, Spain - For its 2013-14 academic year, Spain’s University of Alicante will offer the first MSc degree in Color Technology for the Automotive Sector. Additionally, proposals are being accepted for new industrial partners interested in receiving students for short internships that would involved conventional or RTD tasks. These arrangements can be useful for both the companies and students.

The MSc degree in Color Technology for the Automotive Sector (ColTAS) of the University of Alicante (Spain) is an inter- and multi-disciplinary one-year course covering areas such as: color measurement and perception; the visual appearance of texture and color; and the color quality management and formulation of special-effect pigments applied in the automotive sector, as well as in other industrial sectors such as cosmetics, plastics, coatings and textiles. The program objective is to educate students in advanced methodologies and models in color science and technology focused on gonio-apparent materials. With a mix of relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, reinforced with company internships, ColTAS graduates will be in the position to join major companies in the automotive sector, both automotive manufacturers and automotive coatings suppliers, as well as other industrial sectors.

The ColTAS curriculum is intended for graduates in chemistry, materials science, industrial engineering, physics, optics, imaging science, computer science, mathematics, or any discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of colored materials, with a intermediate knowledge in spoken and written English. Courses are structured according to the ECTS with 60 credits acquired over two semesters. The first semester consists of full-time study, with the option of belonging to a virtual group that includes mandatory laboratory practices. The second semester consists of company internships.

The period for receiving, without cost, new company collaborations will always be open.

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