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The Micro Powders range of micronized wax additives has been expanded with the launch of AquaMatte® 22.  This new surface additive is a high molecular weight oxidized polyolefin and is designed for ease of dispersibility in waterborne systems. 

AquaMatte 22 is especially recommended for use in interior paints and clear wood varnishes. AquaMatte22 imparts a smooth, non-abrasive surface feel in satin and semi-gloss applications.  The unique, smaller particle size provides the added benefit of reduced haze for demanding applications such as wood finishes. This product is manufactured to a mean particle size of 6.0-8.0 µm, with a maximum particle size of 22.0 µm. AquaMatte 22 is designed for enhanced in-can stability in waterborne systems, with little or no flotation. This ensures more consistent matting when compared to products formulated with traditional silica-based additives. The high molecular weight and toughness of AquaMatte 22 provides optimum abrasion and burnish resistance. 

Since 1971, Micro Powders has been supplying high-performance wax additives to printing ink, paint and industrial coating manufacturers worldwide through a network of highly trained sales representatives and distributors. Our experienced technical staff is always available to discuss your specific application and recommend the best products for your formulation. 

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