LONDON - Worldwide demand for powder coatings has increased over the last few decades, due in part to their lower environmental impact when compared to other coatings. At present, powder coatings are widely used in the automotive industry, for home appliances, and in architecture. Powder coatings’ share in terms of finished product amounted to approximately 20 percent in 2010, compared to eight percent 1995. In China, the powder coatings market share is estimated at 11 percent. However, powder coatings continue to gain popularity in the country. In 2012, China produced about 1.1 million metric tons of powder coatings, an increase of seven percent year-over-year. Major players, such as Huajia DuPont Chemical, Guangzhou Kinte Industrial and Anhui Meijia New Materials, dominate the local industry.

This and other information is found in a new report released by ResearchInChina titled Global and China Powder Coating Industry Report, 2012-2013. The report offers an analysis of the worldwide powder coating industry with a special focus on China. The study contains data on market supply and distribution and the competitive landscape. It analyzes the status of the Chinese industry, the policy environment and the competition. Information on the application fields of the powder coating industry and key industry players in China are provided as well.

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