LIVONIA, MI – CAPS announced that its intermediate bulk container management business is being rebranded as CHEP Pallecon Solutions. As it has for over 15 years, CHEP Pallecon Solutions will provide rental, tracking and a full-service solution for returnable bulk containers.

The brand change will not interrupt operations for customers, who will continue to receive the same service they have come to expect from CAPS, simply under a new brand name. “Considering CAPS was purchased by Brambles almost three years ago, this change is ceremonial, not operational in nature,” said Robert Wiedmaier, Vice President and General Manager. “Utilizing the CHEP name helps us align with our continued global and cross-platform growth strategy.”

Although the term Pallecon is common in the EMEA and APAC regions, it is fairly new to North America. The word Pallecon refers to the type of containers CHEP Pallecon Solutions provides, which are intermediate bulk containers with built-in pallets; hence the term is derived from the words pallet and container. These assets are collapsible and reusable, and when managed as part of a pooled loop like the program CHEP offers, can provide significant environmental and cost saving benefits.