MIDDLEBORO, MA - Brookfield Engineering, through its Viscosity Journal, is hosting a teleseminar with Pat Maggi, CEO of Cannon Instruments. The event, “Measuring Viscosity? Kinematic or Dynamic Method. How to Choose,” will take place November 21 at 11 a.m. EST.

Capillary and rotational viscometers are used around the world to measure viscosity. Why are there two different methods? Does each have certain advantages that recommend its use for certain categories of materials? This interview will review various test methods that encompass one or the other techniques and provide guidance on how best to proceed when in doubt on the choice.

C. Patrick (Pat) Maggi is President and CEO of CANNON Instrument Co. Maggi joined the engineering staff at CANNON in 1988, where he was responsible for mechanical design, engineering and software development. He was instrumental in the design of several of the early generation software packages for the Cannon line of SAE J300 engine oil instrumentation – the Cold-Cranking Simulator, Mini-Rotary Viscometer and High-Temperature High-Shear Viscometer. In later years, he led the design of the popular second-generation CCS, MRV and CAV instruments. Recent engineering contributions include the PolyVISC dilute polymer viscosity system and the concept for the miniAV automated kinematic viscometer.

An active participant in ASTM and the Society of Automotive Engineers since 1990, Maggi is now Vice Chairman of ASTM D02, Subcommittee 7 and Chairman of Section A on Newtonian Viscometry. He is also a member of the Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineering and ISO Technical Committee TC28. Maggi was awarded the ASTM Award of Appreciation in 2006 and Award of Excellence in 2010.

For additional information about the teleseminar, visit http://www.viscosityjournal.com/index.aspx.