STAMFORD, CT – Specialty chemical distributor KODA Distribution Group (KDG), Stamford, CT, is debuting a new branding campaign, complete with a new logo, tagline, website, ads and even new colors.

Although KDG has been a successful player in the chemical industry for many years, the company has maintained a low-key presence. The new marketing campaign aims to change that. Frank Bergonzi, CEO and President of KDG, explained, “For the past 18 months as CEO of KDG, I was always struck by the disparity between our high market position and our low brand recognition/branding efforts. I knew it was time for a change.”

KDG spent the last several months performing an extensive internal assessment to identify core values and fine-tune its marketing and sales objectives. The company then built a branding effort around these key principles. “Our tagline sums it up perfectly: ‘Specialty Focused, Technically Driven,’” said Bergonzi.

The company’s new logo – KDG in the center of a gold hexagon – symbolizes the strong bond that the entire KDG organization shares with customers and suppliers. The color gold represents the gold standard the company holds to in terms of technical service, product quality and unsurpassed service.  The color blue stands for being a blue-chip, financially secure company. 

KDG’s new branding effort made its debut with the launch of a new website on November 18, which will be followed up by a bold marketing communications campaign that includes new print ads along with corresponding sales and marketing materials.