PRINCETON, NJ - DEKRA has opened its first test laboratory for process safety services in Shanghai, China. Chilworth Technology, a DEKRA company, now provides testing services in China that include testing of powders/dusts, liquids and gases for their flammability and combustibility, thermal stability, and electrostatic properties. These tests provide the necessary data for the assessment of flash fire and explosion hazards associated with the handling and processing of flammable substances.

The company will initially offer Explosibility Screening (go/no go) for dust clouds; Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) for dust clouds and dust layers; Minimum Ignition Temperature, dust Cloud (MIT-cloud); Minimum Ignition Temperature, dust layer (MIT-layer); Layer Burning Rate; Minimum Explosible Concentration (MEC); Maximum Explosion Pressure (Pmax) and Rate of Maximum Pressure Rise (dp/dt)max; Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC); Volume Resistivity (Electrostatic); and Liquid Conductivity. Chilworth anticipates adding more testing capabilities in the future.

Tests will be conducted according to the applicable ASTM and/or ISO standards.