APV Engineered Coatings has launched a new product, Vynguard® Weldable PVDF, a customizable, high-performance fluoropolymer coating specifically engineered to protect flexible vinyl films used in outdoor applications.

Using a fluoropolymer chemistry originally developed for metal roofing, and for a cost of less than $.10 per square foot of vinyl, Vynguard Weldable PVDF can block 100 percent of plasticizer migration, be customized to suit each customer's performance criteria,  provide protection against the elements for well over 10 years, and sustain the coated product's aesthetics.

Products coated with Vynguard Weldable PVDF have a longer useful life, lower cost of ownership and maintain their visual appeal throughout their use. It is also the only coating of its type offered in both solvent-borne and water-based formulations.

The unique chemistry of this coating allows the customer and APV to collaborate on the product's formulation to produce a coating tailored to the customer's specific needs.

It can be applied using gravure, reverse roll or knife-over-roll.

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