MIDLAND, MI – A unique crowdsourcing competition from The Dow Chemical Co. (Dow) and InnoCentive is offering a $15,000 top prize and the opportunity of a long-term collaboration. The competition aims to combine the untapped potential of a game-changing chemistry with the power of open innovation from a host of science, technology and applications experts.

The Oil-Sol Challenge seeks to inspire the science and technology community to put oil-soluble polyalkylene glycols (oil-soluble PAGs) to new uses. The challenge will serve as an opportunity for industry leaders to collaborate, innovate and problem solve – validating new applications or markets where oil-soluble PAGs can offer clear advantages. With a guaranteed payout of $15,000 for the best solution, challengers must submit their best ideas by January 27, 2014, through the contest web page.

Polyalkylene glycol synthetic lubricants have been around for more than 50 years, but until now, have never been compatible with hydrocarbon or mineral oils. And although Dow has identified industrial and automotive lubricants as important applications for oil-soluble PAGs, the chemistry has potential for a much wider market. Dow’s new generation of PAGs is oil-soluble, with some additional surprising performance attributes such as increased hydrolytic stability for esters, excellent anti-corrosion properties and impressive deposit control.

“Dow recognizes the potential for oil-soluble PAGs. We believe there is a broad spectrum of potential applications, and in order to reach those untapped areas, we need to reach across multiple industries,” said Lisa Inoue, Strategic Marketing Leader for oil-soluble PAGs at Dow. “Experience shows open innovation and collaboration with a diverse pool of experts accelerates, magnifies and improves the caliber of solutions.”

Eligible entries must articulate unique value propositions, relevant target markets and timing to market. To get started, visit www.OilSolChallenge.com.

For further information and contest rules, visit www.innocentive.com/oil-sol. To learn more about oil-soluble PAGs, visit Dow Lubricants at http://www.dow.com/ucon/osp.