DETROIT - Nano Labs Corp.’s proprietary corrosion-protection paint is currently being installed at the Convention Center Ciudad Madero in Tampico, Mexico.

The Convention Center Ciudad Madero, originally constructed in 1982, is primarily used for cultural and sporting events, as well as the meeting place for Pemex's Section One Union. The building, which has a capacity for up 10,000 people, was covered by a large galvanized steel dome, which has gradually deteriorated and is currently undergoing a comprehensive maintenance program.

Nano Labs’ paint is being applied to the structure to prevent further corrosion and protect the building’s infrastructure. Application began on November 25, 2013, with completion of the project expected in the second quarter of 2014. This maintenance program required extensive testing of the different solutions that were proposed to protect the building infrastructure. After testing, it was confirmed that using Nano Labs’ Aluminized Primer would not only protect the steel parts, girders and beams of the structure, but would also provide a beautiful natural aluminum finish. This will save costs and time on execution, since the Aluminized Primer can be applied just after cleaning the surface from dust and grease.