PITTSBURGH – SSPC has released SSPC-Paint 45, a new standard that describes performance requirements for polyurea and polyurea/polyurethane hybrid coatings used to protect industrial structures.

Developed by C.1.9, Polyurea Coatings Committee, SSPC-Paint 45 is designed to establish performance criteria for polyurea and polyurea/polyurethane hybrid coatings and can be used by coating manufacturers and specifiers as a set of performance benchmarks.

Coatings meeting the requirements of SSPC-Paint 45 can be used over steel or concrete substrates, applied either directly to the substrate or over a compatible primer. They can be used in interior or exterior environments including fresh water and salt water splash zones, fresh and salt water immersion, and soil immersion.

This standard contains minimum performance requirements for two types of two-component polyurea coatings and two types of polyurea/polyurethane hybrid coatings. Type I coatings are polyurea coatings; Type II are polyurea/polyurethane hybrid coatings. Within each type, coatings can be classified as fast-cure (dry-hard times of less than two minutes) or moderate cure (dry-hard times range from two to 30 minutes).

Two performance levels based on resistance to deterioration by artificial weathering are provided for coatings meeting the requirements of this standard. Coatings meeting Level 1 are suitable for interior exposure. Coatings meeting Level 2 have demonstrated superior resistance to deterioration by artificial weathering (ultraviolet light) and are more appropriate for exterior exposure.

Additional performance properties evaluated by laboratory testing include tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, linear cure shrinkage, abrasion resistance, permeance and adhesion tests.  In addition, coatings to be used in immersion service must also meet performance requirements for hardness retention, resistance to blistering and delamination, and resistance to mass and volume change.

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