ROLLA, MO - Missouri S&T is offering two online short courses covering coatings systems for the automotive and aviation industries and a course covering elimination of surface defects.

The "Introduction to the Coating Systems" online short course is designed for the automotive and aviation OEM companies. This self-paced seminar will cover painting systems from the composition of paints to the evaluation of dry film. Pigments, resins, solvents and additives will be discussed including their influence on the coating’s performance. Color measurement, surface profile and other evaluation criteria will be discussed as they relate to composition.

The "Surface Defects: Elimination from Human and Process Contaminants" online short course addresses many of the issues of prevention and minimization of defects. The course covers defects caused by the coating process, as well as human issues, including personal care product causes. Several surface defects are discussed, including basic principles and real-world automotive and aircraft examples.

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