POOLE, England – Custom Coatings, part of AIC Group, has completed 30,000 wet sprays of automotive drums and discs for UK-based Eurac. Using a new semi-automated spray line and a newly developed bespoke machine, Custom Coatings is capable of spraying one part every 10 seconds. The company has been wet spraying drums and discs at a rate in excess of 500 per day since August 2013.

Working to very tight deadlines, the supply of the discs and drums has been maintained, which will end up in luxury automotive brands. They are also made for Ifor Williams Trailers where Custom Coatings helped develop and source a coating that looks good, protects against corrosion and matches the customer’s specification.

Custom Coatings has been in business for over 25 years and traditionally has sprayed small military and industrial components. Five years ago, the company moved into new facilities that have allowed it to take on a more diverse client base and larger items.

Tim Abbiss, Technical Quality Systems & Projects Manager for Eurac, said, "We chose Custom Coatings as they were able to deliver the job on time, on budget and to the high quality we need. In particular, the drum project for Ifor Williams Trailers was a great success in the way that they helped us develop the coating and apply it in different thicknesses to ensure it passed the independent salt spray test that the customer required.”