Wood has been used in construction projects since the beginning of time. It continues to be a popular component in architectural design today because of its versatility, beauty and durability, but only if it is treated properly. Restoring wood or concrete surfaces can be a budget-friendly solution to many project challenges such as ambitious deadlines, historic preservation regulations or simply meeting client expectations.  Whether a designer, builder or provider of maintenance services, professionals know the value and importance of proper care and maintenance of wood.  Investing in the correct tools and products will save time and money.

With experienced labor, proper tools and the right selection of coatings, wood deck restoration is about one-fifth the cost of replacement. To ensure a restoration project doesn’t become a maintenance nightmare, finishing professionals should take the time to select the right coating. When selecting a coating, they need to consider wood’s enemies – moisture, insects, heat, weathering, along with natural wear and tear. The right coating will not only provide a barrier to these destructive elements, it will help restore the texture and beauty of a weathered wood surface.  

Wood can be a versatile and durable component adding beauty as well as functionality to any project, but it can also be extremely vulnerable to environmental elements. The best prevention of wood deterioration is proper building design and construction. Equally important is a quality deck/concrete coating product that will provide extra protection and longevity to a project.

Numerous products in the marketplace today address the wood restoration issue. The Research & Development Department at Anvil Paints & Coatings has invested time and research to develop one of the industry’s newest solutions, Deck-A-New™ Wood & Concrete Textured Resurfacer. It is an eco-friendly rejuvenator coating for weathered or damaged wood.

Deck-A-New protects as well as revitalizes the appearance of wood and concrete, allowing you to refresh instead of replace wood and concrete surfaces. It protects vertical and horizontal interior/exterior surfaces with lasting durability and provides a quick-drying substantial layer, up to four-times thicker than conventional stains, encapsulating splinters and filling cracks. The result is a beautiful slip-resistant finish that repels water and is scuff, peel and chip resistant, comfortable for bare feet. Available in five standard colors and with three tint bases, virtually thousands of colors can be created. Anvil Deck-A-New is easy to clean up with soap and water.

 “Our research department saw a need to extend deck and walkway life as an option for our customers. We’ve been working with the latest resin technology to develop a superior product that will not only rejuvenate, but extend the life of existing wood and concrete surfaces as well as preserve it for years to come,” said Glenn Roth, Executive Vice President of Anvil Paints & Coatings Inc.

Competitive testing was completed against the two leading national brands, and Anvil Deck-A-New was judged superior in adhesion, appearance, color retention and durability.

For over 46 years, Anvil Paints & Coatings has been delivering innovative technology, consistent quality, and customer service to professional contractors, architects and DIYers. The company is particularly proud of its 100-percent in-full and on-time delivery with its team of professionals who continue to maintain this record.

Anvil’s product line is available through independent paint retailers, PPG, Sherwin Williams, regional paint store chains, national hardware co-ops and the Home Depot.com. Additionally, Anvil supports a select group of full-line paint and paint sundries distributors who serve the paint dealer, hardware stores, manufactured home, roofing supply and export market channels. For more information visit www.anvilpaints.com.