Hosco Fittings LLC, Wixom, MI, has introduced a newly designed paint restrictor, manufactured using the metal injection molding process. This product provides significant advantages over standard stainless steel paint restrictors including improved ergonomics at the spray gun, less pressure drop/shear and precise application flow rates.

Paint restrictors primarily control paint flow rates to the spray gun. However, a standard stainless steel paint restrictor’s weight can add to operator fatigue.  In addition, some restrictors are not smooth bore, cavity free, which can result in pressure drops in the system as well as trapping paint in the cleaning process, ultimately resulting in dirty paint.

The new Hosco HRU-6 restrictor is a derivative product, optimized through the metal injection molding process to provide a compact size with a 50-percent weight reduction over standard stainless steel restrictors, helping reduce operator fatigue. Its 350”  (9mm) ID smooth, curved interior radius ensures consistent flow rates, and minimizes pressure loss and shear degradation of lustrous coatings while maintaining peak transfer efficiency.

Like all Hosco paint system products, the HRU-6 is smooth bore, cavity free so there is no place for paint to remain after the cleaning process, the major cause of dirt in paint. This new product is now in stock at Hosco dealers.

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