BETHESDA, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has launched the first in a series of videos designed to promote and highlight the innovative ways adhesives and sealants are being actively used in the marketplace, or being considered for a new application.

The video series, part of the ASC TV portion of and, is designed to foster the use of adhesives and sealants by design engineers who are looking to innovate using advanced materials.

The first ASC Innovation Video is entitled “Nature Inspires Adhesive Innovation” and highlights the many practical ways that adhesives are used in real life, while introducing where adhesive research is heading, emphasizing bio-mimicry.

“This is the first of a series of videos being developed for and in collaboration with the council’s Marketing Committee and Web Advisory Board,” notes Matthew E. Croson, President of ASC. “We want these videos to capture the imagination of design engineers and consumers who should be considering our industry’s products for their innovative products, while also having some fun with how we solve the challenges facing any manufacturer.”

In 2014, ASC anticipates developing three videos as part of a pilot program to test whether this type of digital strategy engages users of “We anticipate some of the videos to be scholarly and focused on the technical aspects of our industry, while others will be fun and creatively tell the story of what our industry is all about,” adds Croson. “Videos and new media can tell stories in ways that print and traditional media can’t, and we want the ASC TV Innovation Video series to become not only a fun way to learn about what solutions our industry provides, but also seriously consider how important adhesives and sealants are for innovation at companies.”